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Gamecootie is seeking individuals who are passionate about games and the industry behind them. Any games, not just video games, but also chess, Texas Holdem, or whatever your heart desires. Being a volunteer driven and funded operation has put us through quite a few iterations, none of which have ever silenced or censored an authors opinion. This leaves us as one of the few publications that will allow a dissenting or vulgar voice from our content providers. A look at the bottom of any page will show that we feel the best recourse to any disagreement is intelligence, sarcasm or silence.

There is also no protection from the community at Gamecootie. If a member disagrees with an article, they may well voice that opinion. There is no deleting of comments unless they are obvious spam and/or removed by the author. If you are made to look a fool, it will be eternally stored for all to see. Be forewarned, moderators don’t care, because they are too lazy to punish anyone.

Being community powered has also left us with no funding. We don’t run ads, and we don’t sell your data. We don’t even have a donation button. I pay the bills, I write some content. I cannot see your password (so don’t ask me if you forget it). There is no power structure. There is no one for you to compete with, and no dick to suck. Throughout the years, Gamecootie has never had a clearly defined focus other than being a community. A look through our backlogs will reveal a taste for all things technology. A ‘nerd’ culture, if such a thing exists.

As a member, you get free reign to be a social outcast that no one likes. As an author, you get to do that and post it to the frontpage. As an author, you receive press releases, an email address, a blog, and a public stage to look a fool.

We offer you a .com to help build your future writing career. Use gamecootie as a reference to your work, a resume, or just a place to show friends your internet presence is backed by some fool that pays the hosting costs for you to ramble about whatever you wish to discuss. We only ask these few things: use spell check, try to be competent and write something once in a while. You can write about anything related to online gaming, even a poker headline if you wish.

Adding content to a website takes time and dedication. Although a number of contributors helped build gamecootie, the numbers slowly dwindled until one man stood alone. It’s too much work for a single person. If you or someone you know might be interested, please contact us. If you currently or have had a blog in the past you would like us to look at for a reference, please include it. If instead you just like to talk trash and video games, feel free to visit our IRC channel, which always has someone available to bash your interests. Thanks.