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All the rage on Kickstarter

Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony will soon have competition on the side of gaming consoles, but maybe not the one they expected. Ouya, a concept of video game console on Android sold for U.S. $ 99, is currently the rage on the voluntary funding American site Kickstarter.

The project Ouya is ambitious to say the least: to deliver a console worthy of HDTVs and IMAX surround sound systems at a modest retail price of only $ 100, and offer AAA class games at a fraction of the cost of console games currently on the market. It seems competition will be soon heating in the video games market!

Ouya’s creators promise a bonus opportunity to play all the games offered for free, at least to allow players to try them. The advantage of their product is the Android platform, known to most developers of mobile games, well-adapted to context-specific video games.

Independent publishers, who must go through a big distributor like Electronic Arts for their games to go to the players, are directly targeted. The development Kit (SDK) is provided free of charge.

The feasibility of the formula remains to be proven of course, but for now, the users interest is beyond doubt: Ouya is the project that has raised the fastest million dollars in buying commitments at kickstarter. They reached the milestone of $ 2.6 million in 24 hours, another record held previously by Allerta, the Canadian manufacturer of the watch Pebble.

The latter still holds the record for the largest amount raised on the site of voluntary funding, with over 10 million. With 28 days still to go, already Ouya threat that other title, having surpassed the $ 5.4 million today, courtesy of over 42,000 interested.

At this rate, Ouya may well be among the hottest video games on the market this fall, with several titles on sale in time for the lucrative holiday season. Their controller is designed to become a favorite of console gaming fans, with triggers, quick buttons, high-precision analog sticks, a D-Pad and a touchpad for any games allowing easy transition from mobile to high definition TV.